Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Join us at our open house to kick off the 4-H year!

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Please join us on October 15th from 6:30 – 7:30 at Yeomalt Cabin (900 Park Avenue NE, Bainbridge Island) to learn about 4-H, enroll in projects online, and talk with project leaders.  

All of our members in Bainbridge Island 4-H  join for a monthly general meeting, led by our leadership project.  In addition, independent of the general meetings, individual projects meet with their members on a regular basis.

Our club is pleased to offer the following projects:

  • Cooking (Foods and Nutrition):  Cooking activities are selected over the course of the year based on interest.  In the past, we have made cinnamon rolls, pizza, spaghetti, cakes, pies, steak, cookies, creme brulee, and homemade pasta.  
  • Family Living:  A nice introductory project to 4-H for younger members. It includes a little sewing, a little cooking, crafts, and "playing with small children" instruction and practice.
  • Sewing:  Members will develop hand and machine sewing skills. Beginners will practice straight seams and simple projects like a pin cushion or pillow case, then choose projects that interest them. Continuing members may pick their projects.  
  • Dogs:  Members learn basic training commands, learn about dog diseases, play games and learn different dog facts and breeds.  In the past, members have also enjoyed baking dog treats, participating with Kitsap Search and Rescue, and visiting with a local veterinarian.
  • Poultry and Gardening:  Topics may include: Disease prevention and treatment,  Cuttings  and chick care, Identification, making planters and simple feeder.  Usually one field  trip each year (i.e. Islandwood).  Gardening projects last year included planting seedlings  at Hannah’s Garden.
  • Photography:  Members meet monthly to learn about equipment, lighting, composition and skill building.  Meetings will be held indoors and on location.  In the past, field trips included Bloedel Reserve, Battle Point Park, and the Bainbridge Island Waterfront.  We are pleased to work with local photographer Dawn Bockus.
  • Leadership:  4-H members from grades 7-12 are welcome.  Members learn about leadership skills and help plan and lead our Bainbridge Island 4H general meetings.  We have learned about Robert’s Rules of Order, mediation, public speaking, communication, and leadership styles in the past.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Bainbridge Island's Poultry Pageant was featured on King 5 news!!

Sparkles and Feathers Galore at the Bainbridge Island Farmer's Market! 

Enjoy this fun segment on King 5 news, featuring our 4-H chickens dressed as mermaids, Michael Jackson's glove, and the Hippie Chicks....

King 5 news and the Bainbridge Poultry Pageant

Thursday, May 17, 2018

General Meeting and Spring Potluck is Monday!

Monday, May 21, 2018 is our final general meeting of the year, officer elections, and spring potluck!!

Please join us at Yeomalt Cabin at 6:30. 

Be sure to bring your completed record books so you can be entered to win a Bon Bon gift card!

Please be sure to sign up for potluck items here:  

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April Kitsap County 4-H Newsletter!

Read all the exciting happenings in the Kitsap County 4-H April Newsletter!

Kitsap County 4-H Newsletter - April 2018

Lost at Sea 4-H Summer Camp!

Join the fun at the Lost at Sea 4-H Summer Camp!  Camp will be held from June 24, 2018 to June 28, 2018 at Panhandle Camp near Shelton, WA.  The cost is $180.00 and registration is now open! Eligible campers are Juniors to age 16. (Juniors are 8 years of age on October 1 of the current 4-H year).

Please click the link below to follow a step-by-step enrollment guide or to see the camp brochure.

4-H Camp Enrollment Guide

4-H Camp Brochure

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

4-H upcoming events: mark your calendars!

  • On Friday, April 20, 2018, there will be a public presentation make up date from 4:00 - 7:00pm.  To reserve a spot, please send an email to:  and let them know which half hour block you would like to sign up for (i.e. 5:00 - 5:30).  It will be held at Liberty Bay Presbyterian Church in Poulsbo:  18561 9th Ave. NE, Poulsbo, WA 98370
  • On May 19, 2018, our Poultry and Gardening leader, Jenni, is leading a seed planting to benefit Hannah's Garden at Rotary Park.  Please contact Jenni for details on the time and location.  All Bainbridge Island 4-H members are welcome to attend!

  • On May 21, 2018 is our Bainbridge Island 4-H general meeting, officer elections and end-of-the-year potluck.  It will be held at Yeomalt Cabin at 6:00pm.  Please sign up for the delicious potluck here:  End of Year Potluck sign-up

Monday, April 9, 2018

Helpline Food Drive is tonight!!

Our Bainbridge Island 4-H Food Drive wraps up tonight!!! 

Bring your canned food, pet food, and toiletries to the General Meeting.  

Let's try to exceed 50 pounds of food for Helpline House!!!

We'll see you tonight at 6:00pm at Yeomalt Cabin.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Our Spring Food Drive for Helpline House has Begun!!

Bainbridge Island 4-H Club is proud to support our community.  Our third community service project this year is a food drive to support Bainbridge Island's own Helpline House!  Please collect non-perishable food items and bring them to the 4-H General Meeting on April 9th.  Our goal is to collect as much food as we can in support of our community.  Helpline can use canned food, coffee & tea, toiletries, and even pet food.

Monday, February 26, 2018

4-H Public Presentations

4-H Public Presentations will be held on:
Friday, March 23, 2018 from 2 - 7pm
Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 9 - noon 

The location is at: 

To reserve your spot: Click here to sign up

The cost is $2.50.  Please plan ahead and bring whatever supplies you need for your presentation. There will be easels of some type in the rooms.    No live animals are allowed.  No projectors or screens will be provided.  You will need to bring everything you need for doing a PowerPoint presentation.  Please let the registration desk know if you are using PowerPoint as some rooms are better set up for that.

Tips for presentations:
1)  Have a catchy introduction.  Your time starts when you give the title of your presentation.
2)  Every word on your posters need to be readable from 10 feet away. 
3)  Parents and others may watch the member's presentation if the member wants them in the room.
4)  Don't forget to ask your audience if they have any questions.
5)  Always repeat the question back to the judge.
6)  Practice, practice, practice.
7)  End with a conclusion and your sources. 

For all of the details, this 4-H guide will help you prepare:  Click here to see the 4-H guide

How long should your presentation be?
  • Juniors should give a 3 - 8 minute presentation.
  • Intermediates should give a 5 - 15 minute presentation
  • Seniors should give a 8 - 20 minute presentation.
No presentation should go over 20 minutes.

Try your best and you will succeed!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

4-H Academy is March 10, 2018

4-H Academy is a chance for our members to enjoy a day filled with enriching hands-on workshops.  There are many classes to choose from.  Are you interested in Bee Keeping?  Making dog toys?  Do you want to create crafts?  Learn about Animal Law?  Do you want to learn to create an Educational Display or learn how to deliver a Public Presentation?  All these classes are available and many more!  A pizza lunch is included.  4-H Academy is held at Faith Fellowship Church, 6251 NW Newberry Hill Road in Silverdale.  There is a $5.00 registration fee and some workshops charge an additional fee (those fees will be shown on the enrollment page).

To register for your classes, follow these steps:

Step 1  Click here:  4-H Online.  
Step 2  Login to 4-H Online using the same email and password you used to enroll your child in 4-H
Step 2  Click the orange button:  "Continue to Family"
Step 3  Go to the last gray box at the bottom of this page called "Register a Member for an Event"
Step 4  From the "Select a member..." drop down box select the member you are enrolling 
Step 5  From the "Select an event..." drop down box select "2018 4-H Academy"
Step 6  Go to the orange box at the bottom of this page called "Registration Types"
Step 7  Click the gray button "Worksheet" to view what classes are available
Step 8  Click the gray button "Register" to go to the 2018 4-H Academy enrollment page where you will choose the individual courses for the day, your lunch choice, and complete the registration process.