Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What a great year 2016/2017
 has been in Bainbridge Island Island 4H!  

We're looking forward to a new year starting in October 2017!

Our members enthusiastically enjoyed many 4H activities this year.  They had the opportunity to develop life-skills by following our slogan, "Learn by Doing”.  That includes building self-confidence, learning to make responsible decisions, and giving back to the community while at the same time, discovering the value of teamwork and expanding communication skills.  

Here are some photos that capture some of the many Bainbridge Island 4H experiences:

4H Kitsap County Summer Camp 2016

4H Teen Leadership Conference at Washington State University 2016
Kitsap County Fair 2016 - Bainbridge Island member and prize winning chicken!

Kitsap County Fair 2016 - Bainbridge Island member's prize winning cooking entry.

Kitsap County Fair 2016 - Bainbridge Island 4H Club members with their trophies and ribbons!

Kitsap County Fair 2016 - some of BI 4H dog poster entries.

Bainbridge Island 4H Leadership group welcomes members in October.
4H Dogs learn scent training in November.

4H Cooking members and their leader announce what they prepared for the holiday party.
Holiday Party Potluck - members made bushe de noel (foreground), cupcakes (background) and homemade lemon bars (not shown) for dessert.

Holiday Party member gift exchange 2016

4H members enjoy learning to make pizza!

Bainbridge Island Fire Department's Jay Rosenberg joined our General Meeting to discuss Emergency Preparedness.  

Ewedora the sheep welcomed the club to her farm to see her newborn lambs.  Members also enjoyed seeing hens laying eggs, Muscovy ducks, plus a vegetable and fruit garden.
Ewedora's newborn lambs.
A member attended the 4H Clover Academy and took courses in First Aid, Robotics, Rocketry, and decorated this delicious cupcake, too.
One of our 4H member's prize winning chickens!
4H members learned to graft trees.

Annual 4H tree grafting

Members learn about the tree grafting process from Bainbridge Island Fruit Club.

Members sew warm blankets and toys for kittens during our community service project for Bainbridge Island PAWS .  

Members display their hand made blankets to be donated to Bainbridge Island PAWS .

Search and rescue dogs: Kitsap Search and Rescue give a search demonstration to BI4H Dog members.
Cooking project members enjoy an amazing afternoon with our own BI chocolatier Powell and Jones.  

Learning about chocolate from bean to bar!
4H members happily donate many warm blankets and toys to our local Bainbridge Island PAWS group.

4H member practicing communication skills by delivering a 4H public presentation.

Washington State Patrol Officer Russ Burkhart & his K-9 Moose present to the Dog club.

4H members grew plants then spent a morning planting them at Hannah's Garden at Owen's Playground.

4H cooking members making homemade pasta for the family spaghetti dinner.